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ID-Verify Service Terms and Conditions

"the company" Visitor Management Ltd of Trent Business Centre, Canal Street, Long Eaton NG10 4HN.
"the client" - The customer whose name and address appears in the Invoice to box.

  1. The client should vet all staff in accordance with BS7858 before being enrolled into the ID-Verify scheme.
  2. The company do not warrant any work(s) carried out by the client or it's representatives.
  3. The company shall not be held responsible for any of the client's representative's behaviour.
  4. The company may suspend or expel the client or any of its representatives from the scheme in the event:-
    1. A representative of the client uses the ID-Verify scheme for work not warranted by the client.
    2. A representative of the client uses the ID-Verify scheme or symbol to commit a criminal offence.
    3. client or any of it's representatives bring the scheme into disrepute.
  5. After the initial twelve months this agreement will automatically renew for periods of twelve months. The client may give one calendar month's written notice at any time after the initial twelve month period to cancel the agreement.
  6. Should the client cancel this agreement part way through a contract period no refund shall be given for any unused print credit or part of or unused ID-Verify credits.
  7. Any invoices submitted to the client for payment will be paid to the Payment Terms above or within 7 days. Should the payment terms not be met the client may be suspended from the scheme.
  8. Upon termination the client will remove from circulation any ID Cards bearing the ID-verify scheme logo, text number, ID number and website. Upon cancellation should any ID card subsequently attempt to be verified the user will receive a message to say the company is no longer part of the scheme.
  9. The company may assign its right herein without the clients consent.
  10. The company may use the clients name to promote the scheme without any further consent.
  11. This list of terms is not exhaustive and may be altered from time to time during the life of the agreement. One month's written notice of additional terms will be given.
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