About ID-Verify.co.uk

Organisations are enrolling their staff into ID-Verify as a way of protecting you from receiving bogus callers with fake or stolen ID Cards trying to gain access into your property.

Any ID-Verify card can easily be confirmed by using the search facility at www.id-verify.co.uk from either your mobile phone or from your pc.

Adding ID-Verify to your ID Card gives you the confidence that your cards are secure and for just a one off payment** of £60 +vat it's a small price to pay. Should an employee leave your company and not hand in their ID Card it can easily be removed from your package and when verified a failure message is shown to the verifier.


** Conditions apply. A minimum of one print request needs to be done per annum otherwise a charge of £60 +vat is payable.


An integral part of the ID-verify scheme is ID-WebBureau.

This is where you create and administer your ID Cards online for printing and enrolling onto the ID-Verify scheme.

Click here for an interactive demonstration.

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