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I would like my business to use the ID-Verify service. What do I need to know?

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Why Should I use the ID-Verify service?

This service has been setup to give you peace of mind that the person entering your home or business is acting on behalf of the subscribing company. The person might be in possession of what looks to be a valid ID card but the card might have been:

  • Faked.
  • Stolen.
  • The employee might have left the issuing company.

Do not trust just the ID card shown. Check the ID out with

Am I able to use the ID-Verify Service?

In order to use the ID-Verify service you must have an Internet capable Mobile Phone and an Internet Connection included in your Network Subscription Plan.

The large majority of phones since 2001-02 are Internet capable and most network tariffs now include Mobile Internet Access.

Then browse to:

What is the cost of an ID Request?

You can check a card for free from a Mobile Phone web browser or from a pc by visiting

What is shown when you verify a card?

By going to the website click on verify a card and enter the card ID Verify number.You will then see an image of the person, name, but this may vary depending on what the employer want to show.



What happens if an ID Verify request is submitted on a lost / stolen card or the card of an ex-employee?

The system will display on the website, that they should not admit the person and then call the police or the issuing company for guidance.

Do you warrant the work done by the person or company?

NO. This service only validates that the person is an authorised representative of the company as stated on the ID Card. We are not responsible in any way for the work or actions of the person or company.

Do you allow people with criminal convictions on to the scheme?

Subscribing companies are asked to vet and screen all staff enrolling on the scheme in accordance with BS7858. Should we find that a representative of the company with an ID-Verify card has used the card / scheme to commit a criminal offence this will be taken up with the subscribing company and the person suspended from the scheme.

In the first instance should you have a complaint against a representative of the subscribing company please take it up with them directly.

What should an ID-Verify Card look like?

Image of sample ID-Verify ID Card.
  • 1 What do I put in the text?
  • 2 What number do I send the text to?
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