Frequently Asked Questions for Businesses

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Do you warrant the work done by the person or company?

No. This service only validates that the person is an authorised representative of the company as stated on the ID Card. We are not responsible in any way for the work or actions of the person or company.

How is my employee data stored?

The data and photographs are stored securely on our systems and can only be viewed in full by the employer and by vetted staff of Visitor Management Ltd. All data and photographs are backed up regularly.

Does this service comply with the Data Protection Act 1998?

This service is satisfied under Schedule 2 Condition 6 of the data protection principles. ( In Addition Visitor Management Ltd are registered under the act, registry entry Z9731976.

What is to stop random entry of ID numbers?

Whether requested on the web or mobile phone we limit each device to a maximum of 5 tries per 24 hours. Requests are monitored and individuals trying to abuse the service will have their devices blocked from further access.

Do you allow people with criminal convictions on to the scheme?

Subscribing companies are asked to vet and screen all staff enrolling on the scheme in accordance with BS7858. Should we find that a representative of the company with an ID-Verify card has used the card / scheme to commit a criminal offence this will be taken up with the subscribing company and the person suspended from the scheme.

In the first instance should you have a complaint against a representative of the subscribing company please take it up with them directly.

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